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Trip Token Degen Haus (TRIP)


 Trip Token runs the Degen Haus through our Masterchef Contract, trip token is mintable and as such mints on staking LP in the Growroom or earn tokens with pools in the Stashhuas.

Trip Token mints at 0.025 trips per block for a daily total of 2445 Trip Tokens per day.

  • Trip will be used as our Governance token at the Degen Haus.

  • Pool Trip Token in The Stash Haus

  • Farm Trip in The Growroom with our yield farming

  • Used as payment for token partnerships, pools, farms and other services

  • Future Lottery trip token

Inflationary Token with a manual burn to control the supply and price of TRIP Token

Trip Token has a 10% transaction fee and with the following breakdown for this as follows.

Read the whitepaper for further information here

Contract Address

Token Address




Insurance (sold weekly to fund)



Wages marketing and rewards to Development wallet see below.

Dev Address


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Copy of $DOPE LOGO
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