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Letter to Dexscreener for Maxx Chain Support

Dear Dexscreener,

We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and your commitment to the projects you list on Dexscreener. Your vision and dedication to high-quality projects align closely with our own aspirations at Degen Haus on the Fantom Network and now with our move to Maxx Chain.

We wholeheartedly support your request to add Maxx Chain to Dexscreener. With the support of Dexscreener, we have seen firsthand how projects can flourish, and we are confident that Maxx Chain will experience the same. Your community's trust and support, combined with the power of Dexscreener, will undoubtedly help you surpass your targets swiftly.

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that Degen Haus is already listed on Dexscreener. You can access our listing directly at [Degen Haus on Dexscreener](

In response to your criteria, it's exciting to report that Maxx Chain is making substantial strides towards the goals you've set:

1. Daily Volume and TVL Growth: The daily volume is on a consistent upward trajectory, and we're rapidly approaching the coveted $100k+ daily volume benchmark. Moreover, the Total Value Locked (TVL) has seen remarkable growth, surging by $350K in the last few weeks. We're well on our way to achieving the $500k+ TVL target, which we are confident will happen soon.

2. BlockBlend Bridge Development: Recognizing the critical role of a properly audited bridge in ensuring the safety and reliability of the Maxx Chain ecosystem, we're thrilled to announce that the BlockBlend Bridge is currently in development. It's scheduled to be available for chain use within the coming month, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to security and user trust.

3. Vibrant Community: The community, like yours, is vibrant and filled with a level of enthusiasm and trust that's truly unparalleled. The positive energy surrounding Maxx Chain is remarkable, and we believe it will be instrumental in achieving our common objectives.

We look forward to witnessing both Degen Haus and Maxx Chain thrive on this exciting journey together, powered by the Dexscreener community.

Warm regards,

Cheyne Hayworth Owner

Degen Haus now on Maxx Chain and the Fantom Network

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