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Donkey Bong Show - Ep. 1!

The Donkey Bong Show - Episode 1 out now!

The (spectacular) Donkey Bong gives some insight on the Degen team’s theory as to why we’re going to be the biggest DEX, how we got started & tips to steer clear of the shitcoins & ape safely.

Quick overview of what Donkey Bong had to say

- Anonymous developers (figure out why they’re anonymous & decide if you’re cool with their reason) - Tokens without utility (if they don’t do anything, the token ain’t the product, you are) - No investor updates or progress timelines (vague means you’re being taken for a ride) - Anti-whale measures built into the tokenimics (some may disagree, but Donkey Bong calls bullshit - good tokens need big investors)

There’s a whole lot more to learn on the episode below 👇

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