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Degen Haus First NFT Early Adopter - Splifftoff!

Updated: Dec 5, 2021


Degen Haus has its first available to purchase NFT. Limited time only available until the end of January.

Tick Tock to Splifftoff!

Degen Haus Spliftoff NFT Will grant access to better party rewards and as this is our first NFT, it will give you the best rewards for our parties. If you miss out on our first release, then fear not as our second design will offer a great reward incentive also.

Access to VIP Parties also.

We will be giving away a few at this weeks parties, or go and mint your own DeGen Haus Splifftoff NFT only 42.0 FTM

300 only available

We will use these NFT's as Bonus Multipliers in farms and have other rewards and certain bonuses for owning an early adopter Splifftoff NFT


Degen Haus is at its beginning show you were too...

Get an early Adopter NFT while there still available.

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