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Dope Token Degen Haus (DOPE)



Dope Token Degen Haus (DOPE) is the 1st of 3 tokens in our unique Degen Haus ecosystem.


Dope Token Degen Haus (DOPE) is a deflationary token with a 5% transaction fee, in which 1% going into a community liquidity pool. A further 1% goes back to holders via reflections. 1% of every transaction going to manual burn to allow better supply value of the token, and finally 2% to going into the Degen Haus Marketing and development wallet.


We have start-up use cases including farming rewards with DOPE pairs in our Grow Room to earn Trip Token. Single staking pools with compounding feature which will allow long term holders of DOPE to earn profit and more Dope Token.

Also, we hold daily Degen Haus Parties (small Airdrops) in which we give away some token to boost our social pages and community following. Currently in works for Dope Token to be used in our Predictions Competitions in which u can Bet DOPE on the future price of Fantom.

Further additional use cases for DOPE will be announced as per our roadmap.

Read the whitepaper for further information here

Contract Address

Dope Token contract address



Liquidity Pairs

DegenHaus: DOPE-FTM


Spiritswap: DOPE-FTM


Spookyswap: DOPE-FTM


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Copy of $DOPE LOGO
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